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I was re-listening by chance to this children’s song (which we’ve all hummed), when its modernity and delicious impertinence struck me. Behind its insignificant and slightly absurd appearance, it’s not innocent at all.

The title itself is revealing:
“The King, his Wife…” instead of:
“The King, the Queen…”. To restore the balance, I made the king smaller.

The song pinpoints how those who are in power spend their time showing off rather than governing.

Every day of the week, the king and all his court call on you to greet you, but you are never there. I asked myself: why? While the powerful waste their time parading around, what do honest people do? The ending came to me naturally.

The eccentric animals are conjured up by the little prince. This allows him to escape the boredom of his parents’ daily life.

And in the end, I take the opportunity to make a tribute to the most famous of elephants, Babar, who enchanted my childhood.