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I made this book to tell children (and adults) that it’s no fun to be a king and, between you and me, it’s even very boring.

Children are thrown into adulthood faster and faster. Their childhood is stolen from them, whereas it’s a fundamental moment for proper self-construction.

Quite obviously, the book also talks about the Oedipus complex, but it’s not up to me to analyse that.

The three parrots are called Jacquot, Jacot and Jaco, a hint to the adults who are reading the book to the child.

Nuno constantly answers: "I’ll see what I can do", but he sees nothing because of the crown…

Ask children: "Who’s telling the truth? The elephant or the crocodile?"
Both tell the truth, but only part of it, because each of them sees only what the other is doing to him…

On the page of Nuno’s ascent to the throne, all the animals have forgotten their quarrels and their daily nuisances in order to celebrate the new king (there’s nothing to laugh about, it’s still like this nowadays).

To conclude: why can’t you see the big bump on the father’s head? Because of the mane, of course!