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I found it amusing to tell the story of a child obsessed by a little detail whilst, all around him, everything has gone mad. A bit like our society.

A book which talks about different ways of seeing: children have a fragmented vision of reality and grown-ups have a global vision.
Children often see the little details which parents overlook.

On every page, the number is represented. For example, on the lions’ page, the 2 is on Gazelle Magazine, which is their favourite mag. On the crocodiles’ one, the 4 is on Chanel No 4, a scent which doesn’t exist: it’s much less expensive than Chanel No 5, but it stinks, so they didn’t market it. On the pigs’ page, the 8 is on the Little Red Riding Hood puzzle.

On the endpapers, you will find the numbers from 1 to 2970 (one could have continued). I did this to show that with 9 figures plus 0, numbers are infinite (it has always fascinated me).
Once, when I was signing books, a lady told me that 2970 represented the number of times you say "Mummy" in a lifetime. I found that very poetic.