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The book’s rhythm is based on the difference between the seriousness of the pictures on the road signs and the characters as they actually appear. For example, when the Prince chases his prey, he completely forgets his regal bearing. It’s his nature coming back at a gallop!

Following the pebbles dropped by Tom Thumb, you’ll notice all the twists and turns taken by his horrid parents in order to lose their children in the woods.

The characters of the fairytales emerge from the wood and simply cross the road, except for the wolf, who actually faces the little girl.

Between two mothers: a little girl carries a basket from her mother to her grandmother. A highly disturbing story of woman-to-woman transmission.

Little Red Riding Hood is a story that has always fascinated me. It is never out-of-date because it touches essential things which are buried deep down inside each one of us.

See also “The Smartest One” and “My Balloon”.