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It’s a book about appearance, which takes up more and more space in our society. Look at advertisements or election campaigns, for example. And besides, who doesn’t recognise a bit of himself in the wolf’s character?

The idea for the book came from a telephone call: the person I was talking to said "I’m So Handsome", referring to I am So Strong. I burst out laughing and said it would make a very good title. I sketched a few drawings of a wolf with a tie: it was funny, but I didn’t dare to use the same character, the comparison with I am So Strong worried me. The idea lingered in my notebooks for a while and finally took shape. The wolf was so happy in his new attire that I couldn’t stop him from taking another little turn in the forest. This picture book echoes the first one, but can stand on its own.

The word "tie" never appears in the book. I only say that the wolf wears his best clothes. What class, to wear only a tie!

Since the subject is beauty, the meeting with Snow White was inevitable. I know she doesn’t wear the same dress as in Disney’s famous cartoon (which was made in 1937), but that’s normal: she also enjoys putting on something different from time to time.

The little red bird in the forest, which was already there in I am So Strong, finally finds an adequate role.

At the beginning, on the title page, look properly at the frame of the wolf’s mirror: you will see the Three Little Pigs in it.

It’s natural that the little dragon should have angel’s wings: it’s because Mummy and Daddy Dragon see him as a little angel.