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A little picture book for eyes and mind to enjoy, to explore what hides behind words and to say things I care about. In a world dominated by appearance, meaning is too often neglected.

This book allows me to get back in touch with what attracts me to drawing: the work on ideas.
In the modern world, our eyes are constantly engaged. We are bombarded with images, everything goes too fast, we have been turned into voyeurs.
The problem is that there is no more critical thinking.
You mustn’t believe everything you see.

I have wanted to do a book on eyes for a long time. I drew the first sketches in the mid ‘80s. That says it all. Abandoned several times, this project almost remained in my files. What’s funny is that, now it’s published, it’s even more topical than when I started thinking about it.

Something has always intrigued me in the Three Little Pigs’ story: why doesn’t the wolf simply go in through the window of the brick house?
On the cover, the window which separates the wolf and the pig looks very fragile.

The book starts with "keep your eyes open" (be very observant) and ends with "open your eyes" (see reality for what it is).